Two Bottles Combo Joseph Magnus ( One Bottle Cigar Blend Bourbon 119.76 Proof Batch #188 & One Bottle Straight Bourbon 100 Proof )

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Two Bottles Combo:

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Cigar Blend Bourbon Batch #188: Bad Axe Bourbon

119.76 Proof

Cigar Blend Batch #188, “Bad Axe Bourbon,” is as incendiary as a five-alarm fire and is named in honor of the Whiskey YouTube Channel of the same name, run by Bobby Bonin, an axe-wielding, mustachioed fireman from Tracy, California. This batch has great intensity on the nose and packs a solid punch on the palate with brooding dark dried fruit notes of English Christmas cake, plum pudding with brandy sauce and blackberry honey butter drizzled over semi-sweet Jiffy brand yellow cornbread muffins. The palate offers further notes that are almost malty, with caramel-coated and nutty brown ale and the bittersweet chocolate, dark brown sugar, toasted barley, smoked vanilla bean and sticky toffee pudding notes reminiscent of a traditional Porter ale. The finish is long with brown baking spices in butter sauce and hints of dried figs in syrup. This bourbon is for the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day, which is totally Bad Axe!

One Bottle :

Joseph Magnus Bourbon

A marriage of straight bourbon whiskey aged in white oak barrels and finished in Oloroso sherry, Pedro Ximénez sherry, and cognac casks.

Rich deep flavors with notes of orange citrus, dried dark fruits, and vanilla 100 Proof.