Scotch Japanese Irish whisky Mystery Brown Bag

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Online Purchase is available Now !!!!
The 2022 Scotch,Japanese & Irish Mystery Brown Bag are here! Supplies are limited.

75 Mystery Brown Bags are available for you to purchase, Each bag has one or two  bottles Scotch,Japanese or Irish whiskies equal to/or exceeding in our store value of 125 $ In each bag.

 Of the 75 Bags :

One bag has a bottle of Yamazaki 18 Year single Malt Japanese Whisky.

One bag has a bottle of Readbreast 27 year Irish Whiskey.

One bag has a bottle of SpringBank Local Barley 10 year scotch whisky  .



You can purchase your SJIBB2022  OnLine.

Sale starts: Sunday  ,November   13th. 

Pick-up begins on Saturday , December 10th @ 10 am .

 We can only ship to California addresses. All shipments will occur after the Pick-up date.