Jameson Blenders Dog Edition Irish Whiskey, 750mL Bottle

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The Jameson Blender's Dog makes the perfect slow sipping whiskey or adds the rich sweetness to your favorite cocktail or mix. To enjoy the full, rich flavor and a taste of all the subtle notes, it is recommended that it be served with no ice and just a few drops of water. Give the glass two to three full swirls and take in the aroma before embarking on the first sip. Part of the famed Whiskey Maker's Series, Jameson Blender's Dog continues the Jameson tradition of rich flavor and high quality in producing the best quality whiskey since 1780. With nose hints of citrus, mango, kiwi, pineapple, figs, and dates, along with the walnut leads that come from Spanish butts and seasoned American barrels, Jameson Blender's Dog makes the perfect addition to a Hot Toddy, Buck, or whiskey smash.