Hangar 1 Kaffir Lime

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This vodka is produced in a old aircraft hanger near San Francisco in small Holstein Pot Stills. Most commercial vodka is produced in column stills at rectification plants (read chemical factories) in huge refinery like settings and quantities. In order to make their products taste like something other than dry gas for your car they add things like glycerin and vanilla to add the body and tast they lose using a column still.This vodka (and all the other variations) are produced in small quantities in a extremely labor intensive process compared to the industrial standards of many other vodkas. It is the "Arts and Crafts Movement" version of vodka. This version uses a little known variety of lime that is more aromatic than the standard lime and used extensively in Asian cooking. As with their other flavored vodkas they infuse and macerate their flavorings, rather than add extracts or chemicals to a grain alcohol base. As such, it is a standout from the alcop flavored vodkas out there that tast more like a popsicle than a serious drink. This is made with real fruit and it shows. Bravo!