Courvoisier XO Cognac

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Courvoisier VS Cognac - Aged up to 8 years Crafted with blends heralding from the Fins Bois and Petite Champagne crus, the delicate repened fruit, fresh oak and spring floral notes of our signature courvoisier VS Cognac are cultivated throught skillful distillation and aging.Courvoisier V.S. brings out the true character of a well developed cognac by the care they take to bring this product to maturity. Since it is matured four to seven years, you are rewarded with a blend full of depth and character. Jean Marc Olivier, Master Blender, boasts his product is elegant, harmonious cognac with strong notes of fruit and a fresh oaky taste. Courvoisier VS has most recently won the Gold Medal for Best in Class at the 2007 International Wine and Spirit Competition. ABV 40