Convalmore 36yr 1977-2013 cask strength 58% single malt scotch whisky 750

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Convalmore was destroyed by fire in 1909, and during the rebuilding the decision was made to switch to continuous distillation of malt whisky. This experiment lasted for six years until 1916, when it was decided to go back to using pot stills.

Almost all of Convalmore's output was destined for the blenders, notably Lowrie's and Black and White, and, like Coleburn, there were no official bottles released before the distillery closed in 1985. To date there have been only three official bottlings: a Rare Malt Edition in 2003; and two 1977 vintages from the Special Releases series – a 28yo bottled in 2005 and a 36yo bottled in 2013. There have also been a handful of independent bottlings.

The distillery changed hands after being mothballed by DCL (UDV, now Diageo) , but there are no reported plans to revive it. The site is used for warehousing by its new owners Wm Grant & Sons.

Convalmore's house style in its best expressions has tended to be sweet, fruity and spicy.